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A collaborative community outreach meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the Acres Homes community

“Every child deserves the best support and opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.” – Dr. Ed Young

About Loving Kids

Did you know the Texas Department of Corrections plans its future prison capacity based on third grade literacy? Or that, during their first four years, inner-city children hear thirty million fewer words than suburban children.

Houston is a tale of two cities. The outer city is vibrant, successful and full of opportunity while the inner city is dispirited, poverty stricken and plagued by crime and violence. In the Acres Homes community, there is great need. Poverty, lack of resources and crime have depressed the area and schools are at risk of being closed by the state due to academic underperformance.

The vision for Loving Kids was cast in December 2014, born from Dr. Ed Young’s inspiration for the future of the inner city and Bishop James Dixon’s 40 years of ministry in Acres Homes. After more than a year of research and ministry design as well as organizational formation, Loving Kids launched in May 2016 as a collaboration between Second Baptist Church and The Community of Faith. Three years and over 19,000 volunteer hours later, Loving Kids has gained access and trust in the Acres Homes community and is ready to expand its service.

By caring for children and families through cooperation with local schools and other non-profit partners, Loving Kids seeks to transform Acres Homes for generations to come.

Our Schools

School Map


Our Work

Over 7,400 hours spent with kids and over 19,000 total volunteer hours | More than $229,000 invested in support 

Current School Initiatives

  • Tutors
  • Mentors
  • School Supplies
  • Facilities improvement & beautification
  • Meal provisions

Upcoming Community Initiatives

  • Healthcare & nutrition
  • After school programs
  • Parental training
  • Home repairs


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