Osborne Elementary

  • Donated backpacks and school supplies to all grades
  • Welcomed and cheered students on the first day of school
  • Donated iPads
  • Donated laptop computers
  • Donated window blinds in hall, office and cafeteria
  • Donated tables and chairs
  • Configured laptop computers and procured/installed antivirus and Microsoft Office for each teacher
  • Donated basketball goals
  • Built a baseball field
  • Participated in Angels of Light
  • Painted benches, railings and other outdoor areas
  • Power-washed outdoor areas
  • Painted and repaired the home of an Osborne Elementary family
  • Decorated a room for tutoring, furnished it with supplies
  • Staffed the Technology room
  • Kicked off the One-on-One reading program
  • Spent over 500 hours with students

Highland Heights Elementary

  • Added and spread mulch on playgrounds
  • Power washed building, sidewalks, cleaned out gutters
  • Donated and assembled outdoor tables and benches
  • Major closet clean out
  • Organized classrooms
  • Organized library, sorted books by reading level
  • Donated and assembled indoor benches
  • Donated refrigerator for teacher’s break room
  • Donated two outdoor basketball goals
  • Painted hallways and outdoor red concrete balls
  • Donated backpacks and school supplies to all grades
  • Participated in Angels of Light
  • Painted and repaired the home of a Highland Heights family
  • Staffed the PBIS store weekly
  • Collected and gave each child two books at the end of the school year
  • Provided seven volunteers to speak at Career Day
  • 1,092 hours working directly with students

Goodman Elementary

  • Donated backpacks and school supplies to all grades
  • Added and spread mulch on playgrounds
  • Landscaped and mulched flower beds
  • Power washed building, sidewalks
  • Helped with teacher prep tasks
  • Participated in Angels of Light
  • Supported the Read-A-Thon during Serve Houston
  • Coordinated with staff to get four Goodman students’ homes in the RTH system
  • Helped connect staff and families with Kids Meals
  • Assisted staff on Sports Day-helped with games and snacks
  • Worked with SBS junior high students during their Spring Break to accomplish numerous projects-replacing fencing around storage containers, building a running track, cleaning and organizing storage containers, labelling 10,000 library books, preparing vegetable garden and assembling two basketball goals
  • Organized Chess Club which won First Place in Aldine ISO Chess Competition, Elementary Division
  • Spent over 700 hours with students


Highland Heights Elementary

Highland Heights Elementary has been so blessed to have a meaningful and productive partnership with the Loving Kids initiative. Your organization has gone above and beyond expectations. The group has significantly impacted children, parents, staff, and community. Loving Kids has put in numerous hours, cleaning school closets, storage sheds, and the grounds.

The purchasing of picnic tables, basketball goals, mulching the campus, and power washing our building has added to both the beauty and pleasure at Highland Heights. Our children are able to get a refreshing outdoor lunch break and release stored energy daily thanks to your efforts.

As a result of your hard work and effort every child was able to receive a packed backpack to start the school year. Even though the school supplies were needed the most significant item for us was the inclusion of a book for every child. Including a book helped support the school’s theme of literacy and reading competency of our students by third grade.

As you know more than three fourths of our students were two or more grade levels behind in reading. Loving Kids daily reading buddies have been a strong support for breaking down reading barriers. Students enjoy having reading partners and now look forward to checking out library books.

Your generous financial support has given every teacher funds toward purchasing classroom materials and supplies. Teachers have been grateful for classroom buddies to support 1 :1 tutoring and developing positive relationships with students. Loving Kids has become a part of the Highland Heights family.

The support of our families during the holidays, house rehabilitation, and now the possibility of medical assistance show that the Christian spirit is alive and well. Thank you for your caring and compassionate presence.

Let’s not forget Ms. Terri Weeks and her tireless coordination and organization of managing more than sixty on site volunteers that actually show up, work, and bring a positive spirit within the school. Without a doubt, had it not been for her efforts this project would not have been such a success.

Highland Heights Elementary can attribute the support and work of the Loving Kids initiative to increased student confidence, student achievement, parental support, and increased community awareness of our needs.

It is with a sincere heart that we say THANK YOU, Loving Kids! Our hope is that every in need school can have a “loving Kids” initiative. It has been invaluable for Highland Heights Elementary.

Thank you,
Geraldine Russ Cox
Highland Heights Elementary

Osborne Elementary

In my role as the principal of Osborne Elementary School it has been a great privilege to work with the wonderful and caring leaders and volunteers of the “Loving Kids Program. ” The students, faculty and staff have benefited in numerous ways from participating in the program during the 2016-2017 school year. Our school is located in a high poverty area popularly known as “Acres Homes” and we are a school-wide Title-I school. The “Loving Kids Program” has touched the lives of all of our students in a positive manner. The program began on a very high and wonderful note with a welcome session in which the leaders, volunteers and members of the Osborne Elementary School family were able to fellowship and learn about the program.

The compassionate and empathetic leaders and volunteers have assisted the Osborne Elementary School family in a number of tangible ways:

  • Backpacks with school supplies were provided for all Osborne ES students
  • Provided laptops and I-Pads for faculty and student use
  • Campus beautification programs on in-service days
  • Volunteers interacted directly with students in the computer lab
  • One-on-one rnentorship between volunteers and students
  • Small group interventions
  • Support for the school basketball team
  • Students and their families participated in the Christmas Program sponsored by Second Baptist Church

Participation in the “Loving Kids Program” has made it possible for Osborne ES to provide enhanced educational opportunities for all of our students. Our students have benefited from an improved aesthetic environment and contact with kind and caring individuals who have provided the vital connections necessary to facilitate the social and emotional growth of the students we serve.

As a result of our experiences I can endorse the “Loving Kids Program” without reservation.

Jacqueline Parnell, Principal
John G. Osborne Elementary School

Goodman Elementary

It has been my great pleasure to work alongside Loving Kids as they work to assist our students in any way possible. Loving Kids is an organization filled with extremely passionate people who have truly gone above and beyond for Goodman. In my experience, Loving Kids has been nothing short of exceptional.

This outreach has blessed our school beyond measure. They have donated all the backpacks and school supplies for our students. They have also engaged in several beautification projects in our building that include: installing basketball goals, a track, leveling books, mentoring students and even assisting during instruction.

The Loving Kids team have been an incredible blessing to our school and we are forever grateful. I hope to see this outreach expand in the future so as to include more schools with demographics like ours. Most of our students are living in poverty and they benefit from all that Loving Kids has done on our campus.

It is with great honor and pleasure that I recommend Loving Kids as they expand their reach to other endeavors and campuses in the Houston area.

Angeles M. Perez, Ed.D.
Principal, Goodman Elementary School