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Volunteer Vetting Policy

Objective: Help ensure protection of the children, teachers, staff and other Loving Kids volunteers


  1. All volunteers required to:
    1. Register with school district
    2. Register with LK
    3. Attend LK orientation meeting or review the LK Program summary online
  2. Volunteers working with school children required to:
    1. Pass a background search performed by the school district (national criminal search, including sexual predators)
    2. Review LK online training as determined by LK director & site coordinators
  3. Volunteers without background search may perform service day projects (if no school children present)
  4. Volunteers may be reassigned to other LK schools or areas of service or refused based on the judgment of the site coordinator or LK director
  5. Volunteers will be refused if history of any of the following:
    1. Sexual abuse of children
    2. Conviction of any crime involving children
    3. History of violence
    4. History of any sexual exploitive behavior
    5. Dismissal from any job or volunteer role due to misconduct with children
    6. Other history which the LK Director determines warrants refusal
  6. All volunteers are required to check in at the school reception prior to performing LK service at the school